The Carrick Group Home Program


Providing Services for Younger Adolescent Boys

The Carrick Group Home is a residential program for younger adolescent boys located in Pittsburgh's South Hills. This three-story frame home has a capacity for nine residents, with ages ranging generally from 13 to 16. Referrals are accepted from Children, Youth, and Family Services and Juvenile Probation.

The program was designed to provide a structured, therapeutic and goal-oriented environment. Residents must be committed to setting and achieving community, family and individual objectives. For residents whose goal is to return to family, the focus is on improved relationships. This is accomplished through family counseling and visits.

For residents who will not be returning home, the focus is on learning about their family structure and effective separation from their family of origin. Supportive counseling is also provided to enable them to make the changes necessary to function in a less restrictive setting, such as foster care or independent living.

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